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Fulvous Whistling-DuckDouble-crested Cormorant Swimming ByDouble-breasted Cormorant PanoramicDouble-crested Cormorant at SunriseCommon Goldeneye Landing in a Foggy MistCommon Mergansers on the MoveGreater White-fronted Goose in MayScoter with ScaupsPied-billed Grebe on Glassy WaterSleepy Pelicans and a Big YawnAmerican Coot PairCormorants at Sunset3 Amigos of PelicansPelican HeartTwo Ruddy Ducks and a PelicanA Conversation Between CormorantsMineGull vs Double-crested Cormorant Series 3Gull vs Double-crested Cormorant Series 4Gull vs Double-crested Cormorant Series 2

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