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Red Winged Blackbird in Good Light-3Red Winged Blackbird in Good LightRed Winged Blackbird in Good Light-2Eastern Meadowlark-5Eastern Meadowlark-4Eastern Meadowlark-3Eastern Meadowlark-2Eastern Meadowlark-6Eastern Meadowlark-1Eastern Meadowlark-7Mourning Dove Sitting PrettyBarn Swallows Getting FedBarn Swallows Getting Fed-2Tree Swallow Skimming the Pond for BugsFlying Into the Last Remaining Light of the DayCommon Yellowthroat Singing From a Compass PlantOrchard Oriole in the Thick PrairiePretty Oriole in a Black Walnut TreeOriole Looking Majestic on her Blackberry BushOrchard Oriole Flying Under a Shade Tree

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