Robin Chun(non-registered)
Nice site,I like it mainly because mine is the same! your images too

Ethan marcy(non-registered)
Dad you do a awesome job on your pics :)
Grace Marcy(non-registered)
You are getting so good, Dad. :) Love you. Grace
Josie Mole'(non-registered)
Troy the site is awesome and the photos are all fantastic!!!!
Karen Vetter(non-registered)
Simply said - So Impressed!!
Grace Marcy(non-registered)
awesome pics dad
Troy you are so good at photography. Our family pictures turned out so well. You were really able to find the true shot to make beautiful pictures and to capture the twin's faces. Loved it!!! Hope to see some more of your shots soon.
Michelle G-M(non-registered)
Troy the site is great and the pictures are amazing! Great job!
Dena McDonald(non-registered)
Beautiful, Troy! You've definitely been blessed with a creative eye. With your talent and obvious passion, the sky's the limit for you!
Carol Harris(non-registered)
Troy, I love your pictures! You did a wonderful job with the fireworks!
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