Sweet Little House Wren

July 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
Sweet Little House WrenSweet Little House Wren

I have a cute story about this sweet little wren. My in-laws live in the country so I love visiting their garden and landscapes. I was walking outside of their patio and heard some chirping that sounded very close. I searched for the nest as it sounded like there were babies. I couldn’t see the nest, but I soon located it in an eagle garden statue. The statue had an opening near the bottom of it, just below the eagle's talon. Ironically enough, that is where this wren family was living...in the talon of an eagle statue. I looked around and found one of the wren's parents on a branch above watching me and probably hoping I would leave. I took a photo of him and saw that he had an ant in his beak ready to feed one of the babies. A few minutes later my daughter spotted a small bird in the patio. Being an animal lover, she put on gloves and scooped the little guy up and put it outside. We then spotted it out in the grass; we made sure the dog couldn't get it. I was able to identify it as a house wren. It seemed to be having a hard time and might be injured but we realized that it was just learning to fly. It was cute watching it hop and fly a few feet. We were able to sit right next to it. It was a great experience for the kids. It soon got enough energy to fly into the cover of an evergreen tree nearby and safe from the dogs in the yard. A simple, every day event in the yard can be quite interesting and help my children appreciate nature that much more.

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